The On-line Journal Modelling the New Europe – Issue no. 9 – is now available!

  A new number of our Journal is out. We would like to use this opportunity to thank to all our collaborators for their involvement in this project.   CONTENTS  Bogdan DUMITRU: The European Integration of Romania in the thinking of Adrian Marino Paula MUREȘAN: The first steps towards a European Identity Dragoş PĂUN: Depuis la Communauté Économique et Sociale jusqu’à la Communauté des Valeurs. La Crise Économique-Financière  - un accélérateur d’un nouveau paradigme? Marian SFETCU: Depreciation impact professional public auditors - European requirement to improve performance internal audit Anca STÂNGACIU: The Europeanisation of Romania and the perspective of Nation Brand  Special Marius POPA: History of Generation 2000 in Romanian poetry. A new paradigm for Europe Ștefan MANȚA: The structure of the insurance market in Romania– Guarantee (Bail insurance) Mihaela ȘARLEA:…
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