Thematic Issues 2014-2015



No. 1/2014 (Assoc. prof. dr. Florin Duma & Assist. prof. dr. Monica Pop):

The Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2020


No. 2/2014 (Prof. dr. Marius Jucan & Assist. prof. dr. Gabriel Gherasim):

Transatlantic windows and mirrors: resistant pasts, unsettled futures


No. 3/2014 (Assoc. prof. dr. Georgiana Ciceo & Assist. prof.  dr. Miruna Balosin):

European Parliament: Parties, Issues and Policy Positioning in the New Legislative Term


No. 4/2014 (Prof. dr. Nicolae Păun)

European Commission’s New Agenda: Business as Usual or Time for a New Beginning?



No. 1/2015 (Assist. prof. dr. Adrian Corpădean)

Central European Post-Accession Strategies and Evaluations in Relation to the EU


No. 2/2015 (Assoc. prof. dr. Nicoleta Racolţa-Paina)

Small Business Management Performance in a European Context


No. 3/2015 (Assist. prof. dr. Mihaela Oprescu & Assist. dr. Bogdan Dumitru)

European 2020 and the Challenges of a New Governance Architecture of the EU


No. 4/2015 (Prof. dr. Marius Jucan & Assist. prof. dr. Gabriel Gherasim)

Crossing the Ocean: Euro-Atlantic Conjunctures and Conjectures

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