Call for papers: Disintegration and Integration in East-Central Europe

Dear participants,

This issue of the On-line Journal Modelling the New Europe, under the coordination of prof. dr. Nicolae Păun, is dedicated to the contributions presented during the International Conference Disintegration and Integration in East-Central Europe (23-25 October 2014).

It is a special occasion to debate with European academic specialists the evolution of the integration idea and its implications on Eastern and Central Europe. The purpose of this issue is to attain results that cannot be achieved through research activities within a national framework. Its impact will reach high academic levels due to the involvement of prominent European scholars.

Our request is directed towards the participants to send us your final contributions by June 1, 2015 to miruna.balosin@ubbcluj.roso that we can accomplish the professional peer-reviewing. During this period, you will be sent your formatted paper in order to bring any final reviews. The issue is double-peer reviewed by independent academics related to the line of study of the articles proposed.

Sincerely yours,

Prof.  dr. Nicolae Păun

Dean of the Faculty of European Studies


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