Directorate General Regio Archives donated to the Faculty of European Studies

 On the 18th of January 2011, the Faculty of European Studies received an invitation from the part of the Directorate General Regio of the European Commission, which had decided to declassify its collection of microcards, covering the following documents:
-Official Journal 1952-1998 (Member State languages); -COM 1983-1999 (Member State languages); -COMEUR 1974-1986 (FR-EN-DE); -SEC 1987-1999 (FR); -C 1978-1999 (FR-EN-DE).
Professor Păun decided to accept this invitation, on behalf of the Faculty of European Studies, thus negotiating with DG Regio representative Ingrid Clémeur the transfer of the collection to Cluj-Napoca. On the 2nd – 4th of March 2011, he supervised the agreement on the cession and transport of the 11 microcard containers from Brussels, to the Faculty of European Studies. Moreover, he organised the preparation of the collection for the use of students and researchers, by allocating a suitable room to host the archive and negotiating the transfer of two high-tech fully functional electronic readers from the European Parliament to the aforementioned archive. It will most certainly become a priceless exploration tool for the students, teachers and researchers of Babeș-Bolyai University who take interest in the creation, evolution and challenges pertaining to the Regional Policy of the European Community, due to the considerable number of archive documents, some previously classified.

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