Special Issue of the On-line Journal Modelling the New Europe

Issue no. 8 of the On-line Journal Modelling the New Europe is dedicated to the proceedings of the PhD workshops – International Colloquium Disintegration and Integration in East-Central Europe (1919-post-1989) – D.I.E.C.E., that took place in Cluj-Napoca, 20-23 February 2013.




Proceedings of the PhD Workshops
  • European Women Personalities and their Role in the Integration of Central – Eastern Europe
  • Transylvania – Historical Dimension, Contemporary Perspectives
  • The Danube and the Black Sea: Integration Projects of Central – Eastern Europe in the 20th and 21st Centuries



  1.  Adrian-Gabriel Corpădean: Women personalities in the Romanian diaspora from France
  2. Daniela Stoica & co.: Romanian women MPes and the discursive construction of Europeanness
  3. Alina Coman (Andreica): Le rôle de la culture populaire de la Transylvanie dans la consolidation de l’unité nationale
  4. Rada Cristina Irimie: Church-State relation in Transylvania. Common efforts for E
    uropean integration
  5. Adriana Bichiş : La Transylvanie dans les documents diplomatiques français pendant la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale (30 août 1940 – 9 mars 1945)
  6. Daniela Javorics: Federalistic Concepts around 1900: Aurel Popovici’s United States of Greater Austria
  7. Alina Ioana Pristaș: The role of European neighborhood policy in the Europeanization process – Case of Ukraine
  8. Anne-Sophie Nardelli-Malgrand: Le rôle assigne par la France et par l’Italie a une confédération danubienne dans le système international, de 1919 à 1945


    1.  Călin Cosma: EEAS’s one of a kind moments – 2010 Haiti Earthquake


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